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Painting Non Metallic Metal Sword Tutorial
Non Metallic Metal (NMM) Sword
You can find many painting  Non Metallic Metal turials on the web, but since I managed to take photos of each step of painting the sword wielded by my Wood Elves Higborn (Wanderers Waystrider), I made a small tutorial, which may prove to be helpful.
Snow Effects
Different snow effects
Different snow effects using available stuff: white PVA glue, baking soda, white texture paint (Citadel texture Mourn Mountain  Snow), water effect (Vallejo Transparent Water 26201), Citadel texture Valhallan Blizzard.
Snow Effect - Citadel texture paint Valhallan Blizzard
Snow effect
Realistic snow effect using Citadel texture paint Valhallan Blizzard. Also with a video.
Tutorial - blood & acid on Tyranids Broodlord
Blood & Acid
A tutorial for making realistic acid / toxic effect and blood / blood strings effect on the example of Tyranids Broodlord from Space Hulk in Behemoth colour scheme.
Making a realistic Warhammer 40k urban base tutorial
War-torn Landscape..
A tutorial for making a realistic Warhammer 40k urban base with bubbling toxic waste effect.
Night Goblins Shaman and Warboss bases
Making bases
Night Goblins Shaman and Warboss making natural bases tutorial.
Wood Elves Armies on Parade 2015 bronze medal
Making AoP display board
Making Armies on Parade 2015 Wood Elves display tutorial (bronze medal).
Cherry Blossom Tree diorama tutorial
Cherry Blossom Tree diorama
A Cherry Blossom Tree diorama - a three parts tutorial.
Painting Guild of Harmony Phoenicia tutorial
Enchanting beauty..
A complete Guild of Harmony Phoenicia painting tutorial (picture heavy).
Weathering tanks tutorial
Weathering tanks
A weathering tanks tutorial using salt and a hair spray and without using an airbrush on the example of Space Marines Rhino.
Removing paint using dot 4 brake fluid
Removing paint
How to remove paint using DOT 4 brake fluid tutorial on the example of Space Marines Rhino.
Painting flames tutorial
Painting flames
Painting flames tutorial on the example of Chaos Daemons Burning Chariot of Tzeentch.
Painting ice base tutorial
Painting ice base
Painting large ice base or diorama with crystals. Also using silicon.
Wood Elves Wild Rider conversion
Wild Rider conversion
Making a Wood Elves Wild Rider conversion using Glade Riders and Dryads bits.
Making wet palette tutorial
Wet Palette
How to make a wet palette - two video tutorials showing 2 versions of wet palettes.
Wood Elves tree
Making and painting Wood Elves large tree with leaves tutorial.
Painting Wood Elves Dryads tutorial
Painting Dryads
Painting Wood Elves Dryads tutorial with Branchwraith conversion.
Making & painting branches on bases tutorial
Branches on bases
Making and painting branches on bases using Wood Elves Glade Riders box.

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Morpheus "The Fantasy Hammer"
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Morpheus "The Fantasy Hammer"

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