08 May 2015

CMON: Bizarre and Mad..
Dziwaczny i szalony..

08 May 2015
Pink Horror of Tzeentch
This was one hell of a busy week, but I've promised you some better pictures of my Chaos Daemons Pink Horror of Tzeentch =) You can vote for him on CoolMiniOrNot.com here. P.S. He was painted specially for Bananalicious 2 contest on massivevoodoo.
To był cholernie męczący tydzień, ale obiecałem wam lepsze zdjęcia Różowego Przerażacza Demonów Chaosu Tzeentcha =) Możecie na niego głosować na CoolMiniOrNot.com tutaj. P.S. Pomalowałem go specjalnie do konkursu Bananalicious 2 na massivevoodoo.

Pink Horror of Tzeentch CMON
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  1. The detail and shading on these guy is great. Love the blending and depth!

    1. Thx a lot! I'm definitely going to paint more of them, but only time will tell if I will paint the whole unit of Pink Horrors =)

    2. I would imagine painting the entire squad at this quality level could be a bit time consuming :).